all works published by Casa Ricordi; see contacts

Amulet (1992), 7′, Ricordi Milano 136483
solo viola
Premiere: 26 May 1994, Melbourne, Beckett Theatre, Jennifer Curl, viola

An elemental thing (2017), 15′
solo wood block
Commissioned by Speak Percussion
Premiere: 23 Sept 2017, Eugene Ughetti, Brisbane ‘Transplanted Roots’ conference

an ocean beyond earth (2016), 16′
solo ‘cello (set up in an installation, prepared with thread and violin)
Premiere: 9 Sept 2016, Séverine Ballon, Melbourne

Axis Mundi (2012-13), 10′, Ricordi Berlin Sy.4263
solo bassoon
Premiere rev. version, 1 Oct 2014, Strasbourg

Burning House (1995), 12′, Ricordi Milano Score 138635
koto & voice (1 performer)
Text: 3 poems by Izumi Shikibu (in Japanese)
Score written in traditional Japanese koto notation
Premiere: 30 June 1996, Lismore, Satsuki Odamura

The Four Seasons (after Cy Twombly) (2008), 30′, Ricordi London RICL120
solo piano
I. Autumn, 6′ II. Winter, 6′ III. Spring, 7′ IV Summer (Sema), 10′
total duration: 30′
Commissioned by Ian Potter Foundation, Australia
Premiere: 10 February 2009, Musica Nova, Helsinki
Marilyn Nonken, piano

The Green Lion Eats the Sun (2014), 7′
double bell euphonium
Commissioned by Ensemble musikFabrik with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture NRW and dedicated to Melvyn Poore.
Premiere: 19 April 2015, Melvyn Poore, Funkhaus am Wallrafplatz, Cologne

Gyfu (gift) (2011), 10′, Ricordi Munich Sy. 4073
solo oboe
Commissioned by the ARD Musikwettbewerb
Premiere: 4 September 2011, Munich

Invisibility (2009), 10′, Ricordi Munich Sy. 4042
solo Violoncello with two bows
Premiere: 26 November 2009, Huddersfield,
Séverine Ballon ‘cello

The long forgetting (2007), 7′, Ricordi London RICL086
solo tenor Ganassi recorder
Premiere: 15 March 2008, St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Berlin, Maerzmusik Berlinerfestspiele
Genevieve Lacey, recorder

Love Letter (2011), a postcard piece – see link for score
solo hand drum
Duration: unspecified (performer determined)
‘Postcard’ piece commissioned by Speak Percussion for 10th Anniversary, Premiere: 17 April 2011, C3 Arts Space, Melbourne, Matthias Schack-Arnott (Iranian hand drum)

Philtre (1997), 5′, Ricordi Milano 138070
solo violin (scordatura) [or Hardanger fiddle]
Premiere: 15 March 1998, Amsterdam, Mary Oliver (Norwegian Hardanger fiddle)

Roda – The living circle (2017), 11′
solo trumpet
Premiere: 8 August 2017, Tristram Williams, Melbourne Meat Market

Rug Music (2015), 4′, Ricordi Berlin SY4427/01
solo harp
Commissioned by Marshall McGuire
Premiere: 15 May 2015, Melbourne Recital Centre

Spirit Weapons (1999-2000), 17′, Ricordi Milano 138579
Part I for violoncello solo 6’5″
Part II for contrabass clarinet and 3 percussion, 9′
The two parts may be performed separately
Commissioned by Ensemble Intercontemporain
Premiere: 4 November 2000, Paris, Centre G. Pompidou
violoncello Pierre Strauch, clarinets Alain Billard,
percussion: Vincent Bauer, Daniel Ciampolini and Michel Cerutti

Sonorous Body (2008), 12′, Ricordi London RICL112
solo b flat clarinet
Commissioned by Zeitgenoessischer Oper Berlin & ELISION (TON project)
Premiere: 15 March 2008, St Elisabeth-Kirche, Richard Haynes, clarinet

The Su Song Star Map (2017), 12′
solo violin
Premiere 26 Feb 2018, Ashot Sarkissjan, CFA Concert Hall, Boston

The Table of Knowledge (2017), 18′
solo double bass (with voice & preparation with thread)
Premiere 2 May 2018, Florentin Ginot, Acht Brücken, Philharmonie Köln

Weaver of fictions (2007), 5′, Ricordi London RICL084
(Prelude to The Navigator)
solo alto Ganassi recorder
Premiere: 26 May 2007, Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne
Genevieve Lacey, recorder

Well of Dreams (2008), 5′, Ricordi London RICL111 (only playable as part of TON)
solo alto trombone
Commissioned by Zeitgenoessischer Oper Berlin & ELISION (TON project)
Premiere: 15 March 2008, St Elisabeth-Kirche, Benjamin Marks, trombone

Wild Winged One (2007), 8′, Ricordi London RICL085
solo trumpet
Premiere: 6 September 2007, Museum fur Asiatische Kunst, Berlin,
Nathan Plante, trumpet

The Window (2014), 6′ [unpublished; performance reserved]
1/4-tone flugel horn
Commissioned by Georgia Ioakimidis-MacDougall
Premiere: Callum G’Froerer, ACCA, Melbourne, March 2015