Welcome to my website (still a ‘work-in-progress’).  The menu organises listings of my compositional work by genre and the active links from titles will take you to further information such as programme notes, interviews, score excerpts as well as audio and video examples.

My work has been published by the Casa Ricordi group since 1990: Ricordi Milano (1990-2003), Ricordi London (2004-08), Ricordi Munich (2009-present) all of whom are part of the Universal Music Publishing Group.  Scores, recordings and further information can be obtained from the following:

Ricordi Munich, mzwenzner@ricordi.de

Ricordi London, elaine.mitchener@umusic.com

Ricordi Milano, annamaria.macchi@umusic.com

Boosey & Hawkes New York, silke.hilger@umusic.com

Australian Music Centre

I have also made a number of collaborative installation-based works with artists such as Domenico de Clario, Judith Wright, Judy Watson, Sabrina Hoelzer with Volker Maerz, and Olaf Nicolai. These projects often involved improvisation, text and graphic scores or pieces in non-western calligraphic notation.  There is some documentation and information about these works in Other Projects.