Tongue of the Invisible CD released on WERGO

Tongue CDI’m very excited that the Tongue of the Invisible CD is now out on WERGO (WER 68592). This is issued in the Music of Our Time/Edition musikFabrik series and documents a beautiful collaboration between myself, writer Jonathan Holmes, musicians Omar Ebrahim, Uri Caine, Ensemble musikFabrik and conductor André de Ridder. The CD is a  live recording made at Ensemble musikFabrik’s 20th anniversary concert at WDR, Cologne.
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Selected for CDs of the Year 2013 lists by The Rest is Noise and The Sunday Times
Tim Rutherford-Johnson: ‘An ecstatic vertigo’, The Rambler, 20/7/13
Andrew Clements, The Guardian, 16/8/13
Simon Cummings: ‘Spontaneous & Formalised’, 5:4, 15 Oct 2013

Liza Lim – Tongue of the Invisible. 
Uri Caine (piano), Omar Ebrahim (baritone), Ensemble musikFabrik, cond André de Ridder Wergo WER68592.  This disc is devoted to a single work by the Chinese-Australian Lim, and remarkable it is. A complex treatment of verse by the 14th-century Persian poet Hafiz, one of whose sobriquets provides the title, the eight-part cycle draws on elaborate English verse by Jonathan Holmes. Only five movements involve the baritone – the excellent Ebrahim – three being instrumental commentaries whose formal strategem recalls Boulez’s Le Marteau sans maître. There are vivid excursions for microtonal oboe and cimbalom, and the group improvisation is basic to the concept. Under de Ridder’s guidance, it is certainly convincing.  – Paul Driver, The Sunday Times, 18/8/13


Between the pages of the world…

Some music for the solstice as the light returns…

This is the 4th movement from Tongue of the Invisible (2011) performed by Omar Ebrahim (baritone) with musikFabrik conducted by André de Ridder, recorded in June this year at the WDR Funkhaus in Köln. It’s a moment of hushed stillness in the hour-long journey of the music.

Between the pages of the world

The rose flowers for a day only
Before the bud is pressed
Between the pages of the world

(Text by Jonathan Holmes, after Hafez)

The complete work can be heard online in a radio broadcast from WDR3 on 25 Jan 2012.