In progress

Works in progress/in planning (2018-23)
[*These works form sections of a cycle called ‘Women’s Work’ that centres women’s cultural history, rituals and technologies in part inspired by the ground-breaking installation work ‘The Dinner Party’ (1974-1979) by Judy Chicago. Other references: Elizabeth Wayland Barber, ‘Women’s Work: The first 20,000 Years – Women, Cloth and Society in Early Times’ (Norton, 1996). No.s 5-7 are looking for commissioning partners.]

1. bioluminescence, (2018) for solo flute, for Paula Rae

2. Sex Magic (2018-19), for bass flute and contrabass flute (1 player), for Claire Chase

3. saxophone quartet, Commissioned by Sigma Project Quartet (2019)

4. string quartet* for the JACK Quartet (2020)

5. Annunciation Triptych, orchestra cycle* (2020-21) 3 part work (15 minutes x 3 = 45′)
i. Sappho/ Bioluminescence
ii. Mary/ Transcendence after trauma
iii. Fatimah/ Flowers of Jubilation

The work celebrates 3 key figures in women’s spiritual leadership & explore themes of pain, eroticism, revelation and illumination as expressed within women’s embodied experience (including trance, childbirth, death rituals and community lamentation and celebration) as the connecting tissue between rather disparate traditions – the movements can be played as a stand-alone work (each 15 minutes), a dyad (30 minutes) or as the full cycle (45 minutes).

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6. The Feeding Ground* (2020-21), evening length work for Talea Ensemble tbc