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8 August 2017, PREMIERE: RODA – The living circle (2017) Tristram Williams, solo trumpet, Melbourne Meat Market

11 August 2017, Women in the Creative Arts Conference, ANU, Canberra
keynote: ‘Luck, Grief, Hospitality – re-routing power relationships in music’

14 August 2017, How Forests Think (2016), International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), conducted by Baldur Brönnimann, Mostly Mozart Festival, Merkin Hall, Lincoln Centre New York

21 August 2017, Invisibility (2009), Alice Purton, ‘cello, The Warehouse, London

22 August 2017, Rug Music (2015), Marshall McGuire, Sydney Recital Hall

9 Sept 2017, Invisibility (2011), Gemma Tomlinson, ‘cello, NGV Ian Potter Gallery

10 Sept 2017, Axis Mundi (2014), The Green Lion Eats the Sun (2014), Alban Wesly, bassoon; Melvyn Poore, double bell euphonium, Ensemble MusikFabrik, Berlinerfestspiele, Berlin Philharmonie

10 Sept 2017, Axis Mundi (2014),  Lorelei Dowling, bassoon, St Ruprecht, Vienna

19-24 September 2017, Featured Composer Shanghai New Music Week 
19 Sept, keynote: ‘When I am playing with my cat, how do I know she’s not playing with me?’ (or composing as a way of experimenting with thinking)
21 Sept, An Ocean beyond earth, How Forests think, Songs Found in Dream, ELISION cond. Carl Rosman, Wu Wei, Sheng
22 Sept, Roda-the living circle, Tristram Williams, trumpet
24 Sept, Flying Banner (after Wang To), Shanghai Opera Orchestra cond. Shinik Hahm

28 Sept 2017, Best Practice in Artistic Research Conference, Sydney Conservatorium of Music; keynote: ‘How to make a woodblock sing: using composition to experiment with thought’ with PREMIERE: An Elemental Thing (2017), Eugene Ughetti, percussion

3 Oct 2017, An ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, ‘cello, Biennale di Venezia

15 Oct 2017, The Heart’s Ear (1997), Sydney Symphony, Carriageworks, Sydney

19 Nov 2017, An ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, ‘cello, Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemäßer Musik

21 Nov 2017, An Elemental Thing (2017), Eugene Ughetti, Melbourne

27 Nov 2017, The Weaver’s Knot (2014), Penny Quartet, Melbourne Recital Centre

Dec 2017, The Weaver’s Knot (2014), Mivos Quartet, Shanghai


Feb 2018, An ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, ‘cello, Stuttgart (tbc)

12-28 Feb 2018, Composer in residence, Boston University Centre for New Music
PREMIERE: The Su Song Star Map, for solo violin
+ The Weaver’s knot; Flying Banner (after Wang To); Speak, be Silent & other works tbc

16 Feb 2018, Inguz (fertility), 1996 & Spirit Weapons (1999), Ludovico Ensemble, Nick Tolle, Boston


[March 5-23, Creative development, Atlas of the Sky]

18 April 2018, Roda – The Spinning World (2016), ELISION Ensemble, Melbourne Recital Centre

28 April 2018, PREMIERE: Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus (2018), Klangforum Wien, Wittenertage für neue Musik

2 May 2018, PREMIERE: The Table of Knowledge (2017) for double bass solo (also with preparation & voice), Florentin Ginot, Philharmonie Köln, Acht Brücken

7 May 2018, Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus, Klangforum Wien cond. Peter Rundel, Mozart Saal, Wiener Konzerthaus, Vienna

[21-24 May, Claire Chase, Composing Women program, Sydney Conservatorium]

26 May-10 June, (5 performances) USA, tba

4-11 June 2018, Featured composer, June in Buffalo

18 June 2018, PREMIERE: Atlas of the Sky (2018), Speak Percussion, Melbourne Recital Centre

14 -28 July, Atlas of the Sky, IMD Darmstadt, tbc

[27-29 August, Sydney Chamber Opera, Composing Women program, Sydney Conservatorium]

November 2018, PREMIERE: Pharmakon (2018), for 2 trombones, Matt Barbier & Weston Olencki


Past events 

7 January 2017, How Forests think (2016), ELISION cond. Carl Rosman, BBC3 Hear&Now

17 January 2017, Invisibility (2009), Ashley Walters ‘cello, Centre for New Music, San Francisco

21 January 2017, Amulet (1997), Phoebe Green, viola, tilde~ new music and sound art festival, Melbourne

24 January 2017, The Four Seasons (after Cy Twombly), 2008, Marilyn Nonken, Miller Theatre New York

25 January 2017, Guest lecture Columbia University, New York

28 Jan 2017, Winding Bodies (3 Knots), (2014), Cikada Ensemble, Dark Music Days, Reykjavik, Iceland

6 February 2017, Amulet (1992), Mark Menzies, viola, REDCAT, Los Angeles

16 February 2017, Axis Mundi (2014), Chris Watford, bassoon, Lilypad Inman, Cambridge, Massachusetts

16 February 2017, Sonorous Body (2008), Campbell MacDonald, clarinet, ICE, Fort Wayne, Indiana

18 February 2017, Sonorous Body (2008), Campbell MacDonald, clarinet, ICE, Chicago

19 February 2017, Sonorous Body (2008), E.Michael Richards, clarinet, UMBC Concert Hall

24 February 2017, Inguz (fertility), (1996), Distractfold duo, Modern Art Oxford

25 February 2017, PREMIERE: Ronda – The Spinning World (2016), Ensemble Modern conducted by Vimbayi Kaziboni; part of Re-Inventing Smetak, a joint project of DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, Ensemble Modern and Goethe-Institutes São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador/Bahia, supported by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Alte Oper, Frankfurt

3 March 2017, Guest lecture, Royal Academy London (11am-1pm)

3 March 2017, Speak, Be Silent (2015), The Riot Ensemble with violin soloist Sarah Saviet,
The Warehouse, London

4 March 2017, Songs found in dream (2005), Talea Ensemble, Fromm Festival Harvard University

5 March 2017, The turning dance of the bee (2016), Ensemble Offspring,
Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House

8 March 2017, The turning dance of the bee (2016), Ensemble Offspring,
International Women’s Day concert, Melbourne Recital Centre

23 March 2017, Ronda – The Spinning World (2016-17), Ensemble Modern conducted by Vimbayi Kaziboni, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Märzmusik, Berlin

27 March 2017, An ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, ‘cello, Monday Evening Concerts, Zipper Hall, Los Angeles (cancelled)

8 April 2017, Machine for contacting the dead (2000), Ensemble Vertigo cond. Enno Poppe, Dampfzentrale, Bern

18 May 2017, Axis Mundi (2013), Chris Watford, bassoon, E-Werk Feiburg, Euromicrofest

1 June 2017, Philtre (1997), Jenny Khafagi, Syzygy, Melbourne Recital Centre

8 June 2017, Philtre (997), The Heart’s Ear (1997), Winding Bodies (3 knots) (2014), Cikada Ensemble cond. Christian Eggen, National Sawdust, New York

28-29 June 2017, Conference ‘Sound & Story’, Wissenschaftskolleg, Berlin
28 June 2017, paper: ‘The Future-present-past voice: possession and ventriloquism in my operatic works’
29 June 2017, Wild Winged One (2007), solo trumpet,  Callum G’Froer, Berlin

2 July 2017, Gyfu (gift), (2010), solo oboe, Simon Strasser, Ensemble Mosaik

1, 5, 12 July 2017, Ronda – The Spinning World (2016-17), Ensemble Modern
cond. Vimbayi Kazibono, Re-inventing Smetak Brazil tour:
Sala Caecilia Meireles, Rio de Janeiro
Campos do Jordão
Teatro Castro Alves, Salvador da Bahia

2016 Events

12 January 2016, Guest lecture, Composition as Hunting, CCRMA, Stanford University,
San Francisco

24 January 2016, Pearl, Ochre, Hair String (2010), for orchestra
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin cond. Franck Ollu, Haus des Rundfunks, Großer Sendesaal, Ultraschall Festival, Berlin

24 January 2016, Hell (1992), for string quartet, Solem String Quartet, NMNW:Decontamination 5, RNCM Studio Theatre, Manchester

27 January 2016, Invisibility (2009), Amulet (1992), NMNW: Distractfold, RNCM Studio Theatre, Manchester

23 Feb 2016, Ochred String (2008), Ensemble Atmusica, Salle Ockeghem, Tours, France

28 March 2016, Invisibility (2009), Séverine Ballon, Monday Evening Concerts
Los Angeles

9 April 2016, PREMIERE: Tree of Codes (2013-15) opera
Other performances 12, 14, 18, 20 April, 2016
Oper Koeln, Cologne, Staatenhaus Saal 3


video research for ‘Tree of Codes’, Company Numero23.Prod, Massimo Furlan

Emily Hindrichs, soprano (Adela)
Christian Miedl, baritone (Son/Doctor)
Carl Rosman, tenor (Mutant Bird)

Theatre performers:
Yael Rion (Father)
Diane Decker (Touya)
Anne Delahaye (Adela double)
Stéphane Vecchione (Son double)

16 musicians of Ensemble Musikfabrik
(also singing)
conducted by Clement Power

Oper Koeln, Cologne
Theatre director Massimo Furlan
with performers from Company Numero23.Prod

more info:


9 April 2016, Veil (1999), Ossia New Music, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

10 April 2016, The Heart’s Ear (1997), Yong Siew Toh Conservatory New Music Ensemble, Spectrum Series, Esplanade Recital Studio Singapore

12 April 2016, Wild Winged One (2007), The Window (2014), Callum G’Froer, Berlin

29 April 2016, The Green Lion eats the Sun (2015), US premiere
Matt Barbier (double bell euphonium), wasteLAnd, LA

3 May 2016, Invisibility (2009), Nora Krahl, ‘cello, Unerhörte Musik Berlin

12 May 2016, Inguz (1996), Michiko Ogawa (cl), Tyler Borden (vc),
Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, UCSD

19 May 2016, Guest lecture, University of Melbourne
‘Transformation and radiance in ‘Tree of Codes’ (2015)’

w/c. 23 May 2016, Sounds Unheard, outreach programme, masterclasses with secondary school students & Speak Percussion

2 June 2016, The Heart’s Ear (1997), Ensemble xxj, Aspekte Salzburg

6 June 2016, The Heart’s Ear (1997), Ensemble xxj, Vienna

12 June 2016, The Window (2014), Callum G’Froer (tpt), Berlin

15-18 June 2016, residency Shanghai Conservatory (talks, masterclass, collaboration with Wu Wei)

18 June 2016, Garden of Earthly Desire (1988-89), Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain conducted Pierre-Alain Monot, Salle de Musique, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

22 June 2016, Wild Winged One (2007), Callum G’Froer (tpt); The Long Forgetting (2008), Susanne Fröhlich (tenor recorder); Invisibiity (2010) Judith Hamann (‘cell0); Philtre,
Sofie Thorsbro Dan (violin). Villa Elisabeth, Berlin

24 June 2016, Amulet (1992), Phoebe Green (viola), Northcote Uniting Church, Melbourne

9 -17 July 2016, 6th Beijing International Composition Workshop, BICW 2016
(guest professor) including 14 July performance of Inguz (fertility) by New Music Concerts, Toronto

22 July – 8 August, Goethe Institut residency and research project for DAAD &
Ensemble Modern with Walter Smetak instruments. Part of Re-inventing Smetak
project in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

25 July 2016, Spirit Weapons 1 (1999), Francesco Dillon, ‘cello, Klangenfurt

1 August 2016, Chang-O (1998), Vincent Ranallo (Baritone) & David Schotzko (perc),
New Music Now, Ottawa

Sept 2016

3 Sept 2016, PREMIERE: How Forests think (2016) for sheng & 9 instruments
ELISION & Wu Wei conducted by Carl Rosman, BIFEM – Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, Bendigo, Australia

4 Sept 2016, Machine for Contacting the Dead (2000), for 27 musicians
ELISION Ensemble with musicians of the Australian National Academy of Music,
conducted by Carl Rosman, BIFEM, Bendigo, Australia

9 Sept 2016, PREMIERE: An ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, ‘cello,
Melbourne Recital Centre

Lunchtime events at RMIT Art Gallery part of exhibition of ELISION 30 Year Archive:
10 Sept 2016, Invisibility (2009), Séverine Ballon, ‘cello
12 Sept 2016, An ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, ‘cello
23 Sept 2016, Rug Music (2015), Marshall McGuire, Harp
26 Sept  2016, Burning House (2005), Satsuki Odamura, koto & voice
27 Sept 2016, Sixteen touches of the zither from Sonorous Body (1999),
Satsuki Odamura, koto
28 Sept 2016, Burning House (2005), Satsuki Odamura, koto & voice
23 Sept 2016, 3 Angels (2011), Ekmeles, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA
23 Sept 2016, Wild Winged One (2007), Gareth Flowers, FONT, New York
24 Sept 2016, Ehwaz (2009), New Ear,  Central United Methodist Church, Kansas City

29 Sept 2016, An ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, live broadcast France Musique


1 Oct 2016, Invisibility (2009), Ashley Walters ‘cello, Green Umbrella Series, Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA

1 Oct 2016, Philtre (1997), Sarah Saviet/RIOT Ensemble, BBC3 live broadcast

4 Oct 2016, Inguz (fertility) (1996), Distractfold, Kammer Klang, Cafe Oto, London

5 Oct 2016, Axis Mundi (2013), Alban Wesly, bassoon, Tung-hai University, Taichung

12 Oct 2016, Spirit Weapons 1 (1999), Rosanne Hunt, ‘cello, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

15 Oct 2016, Philtre (1997), Sarah Saviet, violin, kgnm Musikfest, Cologne

also 16 Oct 2016, Sarah Saviet, violin, house concert, Berlin

Musikfabrik 25th Birthday concert
18 October 2016, Axis Mundi (2013), Alban Wesly, bassoon; Gyfu (gift), 2010, Peter Veale, oboe MusikFabrik im WDR 60, Funkhaus, Cologne

21-26 October 2016, Featured composer, Gaida festival, Vilnius, Lithuania
21 October 2016, Pearl, Ochre, Hair String (2010), for orchestra
Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jonathan Berman, Gaida Festival, National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania
26 Oct 2016, The Heart’s Ear (1997), Qasars Ensemble, Contemporary Art Centre

23-27 October 2016, Tonlagen Festival with Tree of Codes opera & associated talks and chamber concerts at Hellerau, European Centre for the Arts, Dresden.
Full programme book

23 October 2016, Hell (1992), The Weaver’s Knot (2014), Inguz (fertility), (1996), Sonorous Body (2008), @Hellerau (11:00), Tonlagen Festival, Ensemble Courage

24 October 2016, lecture/workshop @Hellerau (11-12.30)
26 October 2016, public lecture ‘Tree of Codes’ @Hellerau (11-13.00)

26 October 2016, Tree of Codes (2013-15), opera
TONLAGEN Festival, Hellerau, Dresden (22:00)
Production from Oper Köln directed by Massimo Furlan
with Emily Hindrichs, soprano (Adela), Christian Miedl, baritone (Son/Doctor),
Carl Rosman, tenor (Mutant Bird)
Theatre performers: Yael Rion (Father), Diane Decker (Touya),
Anne Delahaye (Adela double), Stéphane Vecchione (Son double)
Ensemble Musikfabrik conducted by Clement Power

27 October 2016, The Heart’s Ear (1997), Philtre (1997), Amulet (1992), Love Letter (2011), Concert of chamber music with musicians of the Institut für Neue Musik der HfM Dresden

31 October 2016, An ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, broadcast France Musique


2 Nov 2016 & 5 Nov 2016, Broadcast of opera: The Navigator (2008), ABC ClassicFM as part of Australian Music Month [also w/c 28 Nov. broadcasts of How Forests think, Mother Tongue (2005), Koto (1997) etc]

11 Nov 2016, Inguz (fertility) (1996), PRÆSENZ: Richard Haynes, cl & Jan-Filip Ťupa, vc, Claquekeller, Baden

12 Nov 2016, An ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, Festival Vertixe Sonora, Spain

15 Nov 2016, Invisibility (2009), Ashley Walters ‘cello, Monk Space, LA

16 Nov 2016, workshop-at-zurcher-hochschule-der-kunste

17-20 Nov 2016, Featured composer at the 30th Anniversary edition of the
Tage für neue Musik Zürich tage-fur-neue-musik-zurich-2016-programme
17 Nov 2016, talk at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
17 Nov 2016, Philtre (1997), Daniela Müller, violin, Kaufleuten Festsaal, Festival 30 Years

17 Nov 2016, Concert 1, PREMIERE: The turning dance of the bee (2015-16), sextet,
Ensemble für neue Musik Zurich, 30th Anniversary of Tage für neue Musik Zurich
Kaufleuten Festsaal

18 Nov 2016, Concert 2,  Flying Banner (after Wang To), (2005), for orchestra
Tonhalle-Orchestra Zurich conducted by Pierre-André Valade, Tage für neue Musik, Zurich

19 Nov 2016, Concert 4, Street of Crocodiles (2005), Collegium Novum Zürich, conductor, Jonathan Stockhammer, Toni-Areal, Grosser Saal

20 Nov 2016, Concert 6, Atelier zeitgenössische Musik, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK, Tage für neue Musik, Zurich
The Four Seasons (after Cy Twombly) (2008), solo piano, Akvile Silekaite
Weaver of fictions (2007), solo alto Ganassi recorder, Melissa Sandel
Sonorous Body (2008), 12′, solo b flat clarinet, Gaia Gaibazzi
Wild Winged One (2007), solo trumpet, Ayumi Maeda
The Weaver’s Knot (2014), for string quartet, Jemma Abrahamyan, Violin, Fabienne Früh, Violin, Iwan Agafanow, Viola, Lisa Hofer, Violoncello

20 Nov 2016, Concert 7, How Forests think (2015-16) for sheng & ensemble
ELISION & Wu Wei, conducted by Carl Rosman, Tage für neue Musik, Zurich

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, hcmf//, UK
19 Nov 2016, The Green Lion Eats the Sun (2014), Melvyn Poore, MusikFabrik, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK

22 Nov 2016, How Forests think (2015-16) for sheng & ensemble
ELISION & Wu Wei, conducted by Carl Rosman, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK

24 Nov 2016, Inguz (fertility), (1996),  Distractfold, Phipps Hall, hcmf//2016

24 Nov 2016, Wild Winged One (2007), Tristram Williams (trumpet), Kulturni centar Beograda, Belgrade

25 Nov 2016, Wild Winged One (2007), Tristram Williams (trumpet), Studio M, Novi Sad, Serbia

29 Nov 2016, Wild Winged One (2007), Tristram Williams (trumpet), Hellerau, Dresden


2 Dec 2016, Invisibility (2009) Ashley Walters, Spectrum New York

7 Dec 2016, Inguz (fertility), (1996), OpenICE, Campbell MacDonald, cl & Katinka Kleijn, ‘cello, Preston Bradley Hall at Chicago Cultural Center

8 Dec 2016, Philtre (1997), Cepromusic, Sala Manuel M. Ponce, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico

16 Dec 2016, Gothic (1998) for 8 solo strings, Ensemble21 cond. Elena Schwarz, Grande salle du Conservatoire, Geneva


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